Shark Baby

by CollinWarren

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Shark Baby was written after Collin and his wife attended the first sonogram for their child, expected this spring. As it's title suggests, the song follows a young couple's preparation after being informed that they are in fact having... a shark baby.

"The sonogram appointment is just such an enormously strange situation. You've got this team of people telling all these REALLY HEAVY pieces of information. And they're just ripping through them because for them... it's just another Monday morning. Basically, Shark Baby was my attempt to just try to make my wife laugh in the face of that." --Collin Warren

Shark Baby follows up Collin's debut 2013 album Jesus Is My Dentist. Though this is Collin's first studio release, it sticks closely to a strong DIY aesthetic. Recorded and produced at Collin's home studio in Washington, DC, the song is a raucous bluegrass hybrid, complete with found sound, harmonic solos, tambourines and crowd singing.



Well, I took my baby to the doctor to get the ultrasound
They took her temp and took her clothes and put her in a gown
They spread jelly on her belly, put her womb up on the screen
When suddenly a little nurse let out an awful scream

She turned the screen away from us and quickly left the room
Shouting in a broken voice, “The Doc will be in soon!”
But when the Doc came in he brought a couple doctor friends
And he said, “I’ve got some news for you”, and this is what he said:

He said:
You’re gonna have a shark BA-BY!
But you’ll be alright

He said: where you’d typically see fingers, well there’s nothing there but fins
And where a baby’s mouth would be is an awfully toothy grin
He’s got gills instead of lungs, he’s got a tale instead of feet
But the good news is your little boy is healthy and complete

You’re gonna have a shark BA-BY!
Well, come meet the parent’s TO BE
Of the freaky little shark BA-BY!
They’re gonna have a shark BA-BY!
But they’ll be alright

So, I went right down to Petco and bought the biggest tank they had
And on the way I got a shirt that say’s I’m the World’s Greatest Shark Dad
And she’s got me out at midnight buying sushi by the keg
And I’m working on a little mobile with little surf boards and little legs

We’re gonna have a shark ba-by!
I bet they put us on T-V!
With our little shark BA-BY!
We’re gonna have a shark BA-BY!
And we’ll be alright

Well, my wife’s sure sticking to her story, she said it was God’s will
But every time the mailman comes -- I’m checking him for gills
But I ain’t got no complaints, but this ‘expecting’ ain’t no joke
Just take one look at her and you know we’re gonna need a bigger boat

We’re gonna have a shark baby
Well, it’s just her and me
And the shark baby makes three
We’re gonna have a shark ba-by!
And we’ll be alright!


released December 31, 2016
Music by Collin Warren.
Cover: Amy Enchelmeyer
Distributed by Lost In Transduction, LLC



all rights reserved


CollinWarren Washington D.C., D.C.

Collin Warren is a songwriter, audio engineer and performer living in Washington, DC.

Collin was born in Vancouver, WA where he attended the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics.

Collin began playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 12 after visiting Victoria, BC, where he became inspired by the city's bustling street music scene.
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